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What do I need to rent a scooter? 

- A motorbike driving licence (including overseas) and a credit card. 


How old do I have to be to rent a scooter? 

- As long as you have a motorbike driving licence, you can rent a scooter, whatever your age is. 


How do I book a scooter ?

- It’s very simple ! You can click on the Pre book link or send us a text to 0412140826 and we will send you a link to fill out a form with all your details. Once it’s done, you can come and pick up the scooter. 


When are you open? 

- We are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday on request for pick ups. 


Is there a bond?

- Yes, there is a bond of $300 that we give you back when you return the scooter in initial condition. 

Is insurance included ?

- Yes, there is third party insurance included. In case of an accident, the damages of the other parties are covered and there is an excess fee of $1500 (if the damages exceed $1500, you only pay that amount). You can reduce that amount by paying an extra daily or weekly fee. 


I want to keep the scooter longer than I expected, what should I do?

- Nothing! Just keep it and we will keep charging you every week until you return the scooter. 


I have rented a scooter with a 3 month plan but I want to return it before.

- No worries, changes of plans happen. You can return the scooter anytime, we will just charge you the difference between the 2 plans for the length of your rent. 


When am I charged?

- You are charged every week on the day of your initial rent (ex: you rented the scooter on Tuesday, you will be charged every Tuesday, You are charged for the week coming and we don’t refund the difference if you bring the scooter before (ex: you paid on Tuesday and you return the scooter on Friday, we don’t refund the remaining days). 


How do I pay tolls?

- Tolls are automatically charged to your credit card. Keep in mind that they are directly managed through the Efleet portal and they charge $3.99 per toll as administration fees. 


I want to change my credit card or my personal details, what should I do?

- You have access to your Efleet portal at any time (with your phone number) and you can change it from here.

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