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scooter rental sydney


1 to 4 weeks

$140 PW

$98 pw

40% off winter Deal

(only for new customers)

Planning an extended stay? Our 1-Week Scooter Rental (Less Than a Month) package offers flexibility and convenience for your journey. 

Nomad's Freedom 

5 to 12 weeks

$120 pw

$98 pw

40% off winter Deal

(only for new customers)

Experience true freedom with our Nomad's Freedom Scooter Rental Sydney. Whether you're a digital nomad or a traveler on an extended trip, this package is your key to mobility.

work n' ride

3 months & more

$112 pw

$98 pw

50% OFF your first month's rental!

then 40% off winter Deal

(only for new customers)

The perfect package to boost your food delivery game. Maximize your earnings and efficiency as you zip through city streets. Deliver faster and smarter with scooter rental Sydney services. It's time to change your deliveries!

1 day



Experience the thrill of the open road with our 1-Day Scooter Rental Sydney. Perfect for a quick adventure or exploring the city. Get ready to ride!

3 days



Explore more, pay less! Our 3-Day Scooter Rental Sydney package gives you extended freedom to discover your destination at your own pace. Unleash your wanderlust!

prices include


Delivery box or Top box 

Phone holder

USB charger 


Service & maintenance

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